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Are you a resident of Latin America or a latin american student?

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It's *the place* for Latina techies

Since 2017, we’ve hosted an annual conference to bring together influential Latinas working in technology. At the Latinas in Tech Summit, you’ll join over 2,000 Latina techies and tap into the most powerful network for landing tech jobs and growing your tech career.

We got your back, jefas!

You can expect inspiring talks, skill-building workshops and career boosting networking. On the job hunt? We got you. Our tech partners will be present and actively recruiting! Looking for a mentor? We got you. Need help beating the *bleep* out of imposter syndrome? Look no further, jefas!


— All times are PST (Pacific Time) —

Wednesday, May 18th

The Latinas in Tech Summit kicks off with Welcoming remarks from our leadership team and takes off with a look at the state of Latinas in Technical Boards followed by a panel discussion in such topic.

We’ll be introduced to the Latinas in Tech Startup Competition and see the top 10 finalist pitches throughout the three days of the conference.

Our Firesidechats will empower embrace your Latinidad for success, and to rethink everything after our lessons learned while experiencing the Pandemic in today’s Digital World. 

Develop your leadership skill by attending our afternoon workshops curated by our partners. You don’t want to miss some special performances, networking opportunities and the chance to interact with dozens of recruiters representing all our amazing sponsors.

Thursday, May 19th

Day 2 of the Summit kicks off an incredibly important conversations talking about how Latinas are innovating in different areas of technology and we will delve into what we can do to be catalysts for the change we want.

Our CEO, Rocio, will shed light on the so-called ‘contingent workers’ and what companies are doing to improve the work environment for all Tech workers. 

You will also be able to visit our Booths and, of course, cultivate new professional relationships in the networking sessions.

Friday, May 20th

The icing on the cake for the 2022 Summit will be Dolores Huerta, our living legend of the Latin community, witha fireside chat on ‘Sí se puede!’

We will also talk about how to provide opportunities for advancement and strategies to retain Tech talent and we will dig into the root cause of why there is very little money invested in Latina Entrepreneurs.

Finally, we will close this last day in style, with our inaugural Latinas in Tech awards ceremony: ERG of the Year, Company of the Year and Latinas of the Year. As well as the finale of the Latinas in Tech Startup Competion.. What a closure!

Our Speakers

Abby Franco

Abby Franco

Sr. Director of Digital Innovation Center Academy
Ahmed Hashem

Ahmed Hashem

Talent Acquisition
Ana Pinczuk

Ana Pinczuk

Chief Development Officer
Andrea Schuppe

Andrea Schuppe

Recruiter & Latinx ERG Lead
Arielle Pardes

Arielle Pardes

Senior Journalist
Andres Tapia

Andres Tapia

Global ESG & Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Strategist
Korn Ferry
Beatriz Acevedo

Beatriz Acevedo

CEO + Co-Founder
SUMA Wealth
Candy Calderon

Candy Calderon

Holistic Health and Wellness Expert
Glow Wellness Tour


Our applications are now closed.

The winners will be announced on May 20th, 2022 during the Latinas in Tech Summit 2022.

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