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Since 2017, we’ve hosted an annual conference to bring together influential Latinas working in technology. At the Latinas in Tech Summit, you’ll join over 1,000 Latina techies and tap into the most powerful network for landing tech jobs and growing your tech career.

We got your back, jefas!

You can expect inspiring talks, skill-building workshops and career boosting networking. On the job hunt? We got you. Our tech partners will be present and actively recruiting! Looking for a mentor? We got you. Need help beating the *bleep* out of imposter syndrome? Look no further, jefas!

Wednesday, May 19th

Pacific Daylight Time

10:05 am

Keynote with Cecilia Corral

10:25 am

Panel: Innovating Equity as DEI Executives

11:10 am

Startup Competition Introduction

11:30 am

Panel: Latinas Leading International Expansion

12:45 pm

Fireside Chat feat. Netflix’s Cynthia Maxwell

1:15 pm

Skill Building Workshops:

  • How to Build Financial Security
  • Thinking like a CTO
  • Lessons for Success: Unleashing Your
    Power to Reach Your Highest Potential
  • Addressing Bias by Promoting Intersectionality in the Workplace
  • Joining Corporate Boards

2:15 pm

Panel: Demystifying Corporate Culture

3:30 pm

Panel: Blazing Trails like a Latina

4:15 pm

Fireside Chat with Twitter’s Jessica Herrera Flanigan

5:00 pm

Recruiting Sessions with Twitter, Hopin, Netflix and Cisco

5:45 pm

How to Build Authentic Mentor and Mentee Relationships

6:15 pm

Community Building Networking Mixer

Thursday, May 20th

Pacific Daylight Time

10:00 am

Keynote with Jennifer Leung

10:20 am

Fireside Chat with an Olympian in Tech

11:05 am

Fireside Chat with Salesforce’s Lidiane Jones

11:35 am

Panel: Embrace Your Superpower: You’re a Limited Edition

12:50 pm

Recruiting Sessions with Salesforce, Google and Facebook

1:35 pm

Panel: Tech Innovation with Senior Level Engineers

2:20 pm

Panel: The Evolution of ERG Leadership

3:35 pm

Skill Building Workshops:

  • How to Improve Work Life Balance
  • Securing and Leading Remote Teams
  • Interviewing your Network as You Grow into Your Career

4:35 pm

Beating Imposter Syndrome with Christina Villarreal

5:05 pm

Startup Competition Winners Announcement

5:25 pm

Keynote with Victoria Espinel

6:00 pm

Community Building Networking Mixer

Our Speakers

Alex Padilla

Alex Padilla

United States Senator
Ana Castrillon

Ana Castrillon

Head of Marketing
Antonella Guidoccio

Antonella Guidoccio

Lead Product Manager
Ayde Soto Wright

Ayde Soto Wright

Branko Backovic

Branko Backovic

Cynthia Guerrero

Cynthia Guerrero

Catalina Restrepo

Catalina Restrepo

Client Partner
Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez

Cathryn Rivera-Hernandez

Appointments Secretary
Governor’s Office


Awarding $35K in non-dilutive, cash awards.
Submissions welcome until May 5th, 2021 at 11:59 pm PST.


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