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Here you can view the full agenda for each day. 

Wednesday, May 18th

Thursday, May 19th

Friday, May 20th

Wednesday, May 18th

All times are PST (Pacific Time)

8:00 am

Radio Latinx

Music curated by the Latinas in Tech Canada Chapter, listen to this thirty minutes of music that will get you in the mood for the Summit 

8:31 am

Opening Ceremony

Welcoming remarks by Latinas in Tech’s CEO

National Anthem by Made Boss’ CEO, Martha Soledad

Moderator: Rocio Van Nierop Cofounder & CEO at Latinas in Tech

8:37 am

Presenting Sponsor Remarks

Speaker: Lorena Hernandez,California Director of Community Investments and Communications, Comcast NBC Universal

8:41 am

The State of Latinas in Tech Boards — Keynote

During this Keynote, Esther will share important information and data regarding the current situation of the inclusion of Latinos and Latinas on Boards of Directors of companies that range from medium companies to Fortune 500. With a strong focus on Tech companies, Esther will tell us how to create a path to take a seat at the big decission-making table that drives the destiny of very large corporations.

Speaker: Esther Aguilera, President and CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA)

8:52 am

Panel: Latinas in Tech Boards

A panel featuring Latinas in Tech Board of Directors. They will share their experiences and the importance of how our voices  are represented at the very top.

Speakers: Ana Pinczuk, Board Director & Chief Development Officer at Anaplan; Sylvia Acevedo, Corporate Board Director at Qualcomm & Credo Semiconductor

Moderator: Esther Aguilera President and CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA)

9:37 am

Startup Competition

Introduction and criteria by Carolina Huaranca, General Partner at First Close Partners


9:43 am

Fireside Chat: The Pandemic and the Digital World

“COVID-19 shook the way we work in Tech. Many jobs changed, became remote, disappeared and many companies were in urgent need to pivot. Let’s hear from the Administrator, Isabella C. Guzman, what is her take on the approach, tech small business, should take during a situation like COVID and growing under a new reality.

Speaker: Isabella C. Guzman, 27th Administrator of  the U. S. Small Business Administration

Moderator: Mara Lu Herrera Cohen, Program Leader, Customer Support at Uber

9:59 am

Mind & Body: Movement for Transformation

Coach: Lilia Roman, Wellness Coach at Ollin Yoga

10:11 am

Paving the Way: Innovating Latinas in Technology

Mariana is a true example of a Latina trailblazer. Let’s learn from her what it means to innovate and lead a world class tech company in biotech. Mariana will talk about the importance for all Latinas to innovate greatly, leading without fear in fields that have world relevance.

Speaker: Mariana Matus, CEO and Cofounder at Biobot Analytics

10:45 am

LiT Expo – Interact With Top Tech Companies

11:16 am

Fireside Chat: Embracing your Latinity to Succeed

During this eye-opening discussion, Andres and Rocio will discuss in depth topics that will enable us to better understand our Latinity while detecting areas of opportunities we have, even if they are outside of our comfort zone. Latinas are in a mission to shine, successfully teaming up with allies and companies, is of extreme importance.

Speaker: Andres Tapia, Sr. Client Partner and Global D&I Estrategist at Korn Ferry

Moderator: Rocio Van Nierop, Cofounder & CEO at Latinas in Tech

11:41 am

How to Build Inclusive and Accessible Products — Panel

For many years technology has been launched to the general public and only very few companies think of the diverse consumer. The machine learns from their creators and sometimes the product benefits the mainstream looks, names, or backgrounds. This panel will discuss the importance of designing products with the diverse consumer in mind.

Speakers: Mariana Castro, Director of Product Design at Meta; Monique Garcia, Staff Product Manager at HBO Max; Christopher Clarke, Executive Creative Director at Intuit

Moderator: Martha Ventura, VP of Engineering and Operations at T-Mobile

12:31 pm

Workshops – Go to Sessions
  • Workshop by GRAMMARLY: Resume Workshop 
  • Workshop by CISCO: Techfluent in Culture
  • VIP WORKSHOP by LCDA: Aspiring for Board Service

Speakers: Esther Aguilera, President and CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA)and Mar Hernandez, HR Consultant at Russell Reynolds Associates and Moderated by Noreen Gillen, CFP, CEPA, Vice President & Wealth Management Advisor, Merrill Lynch; Latino Corporate Directors Education Foundation (LCDEF) Board MemberCFP.

1:31 pm

Mexican performance created for Latinas in Tech

1:36 pm


Time to meet other Latinas in Tech, Allies and Tech executives.

1:36 pm

LiT Recruit

Time for Latinas to interact one on one with top Tech Recruiters

Thursday, May 19th

Schedule subject to change. All times are PST (Pacific Time)

8:00 am

Radio LiT

Music curated by the Latinas in Tech Canada Chapter, listen to this thirty minutes of music that will get you in the mood for the second day of this Summit 

8:34 am

Reshaping the Tech Industry — Panel

A panel featuring Latinas who are working on impressive and cutting edge technologies.
The intention is to show the world that Latinas are venturing and innovating in areas that can really impact the creation process of techonolgy. Show that we can be smart, innovators and influencers of new technologies.

Speakers: Manuela Veloso, Head of AI Research at JP Morgan Chase; Abby Franco, Sr. Director of Digital Innovation Center Academy at T-Mobile; Tania Bedrax-Weiss, Director of Research at Google 

Moderator: Pedro David Espinoza, Vice President of Business Development at Sillicon Valley Leadership Group

9:27 am

Expo Break

This is a good time to visit the booths of so many wonderful companies that want to meet you.

9:44 am

Fireside Chat: Paving the Way – Bringing Solutions to Move the Needle Forward 

“Kim Rivera is one of the very few Latinas that has held C-Level positions at Tech giants. 

Aside from her amazing business and strategy example, she is also an example advocate for Diversity and Inclusion not only in Tech but also in business in general.

Kim will have a heart to heart conversation with Latinas in Tech to explain why this work is so much needed and what can we do to be catalysts for change.”

Speaker: Kim Rivera, Chief Legal and Business Affairs Officer at OneTrust

Moderator: Pamela Lujan, Sr. Director, Sr. Corporate Counsel at Oportun

10:28 am

Mind & Body: Movement for Transformation

Let’s take a break from hearing amazing stories and get our body moving with a quick Zumba experience

Coach: María José Avendaño Chaves, Zumba Coach

10:47 am

Addressing the Elephant in the Room: Contingent Workers 

For many years our community has been asking about topics that are equally important to Full Time employees and so called “Contingent Workers”. This conversation will shed light on what companies are doing to improve the working environment of all Tech workers.

Speaker: Rocio Van NieropCofounder & CEO at Latinas in Tech

10:59 pm

Panel: Dialogue with DEI Executives

Dialogue with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion executives from large Tech companies. We will have a profound conversation on the current status and opportunities that Latinas, and the broader Latinx community have access to when it comes to their business representation in Tech.

Speakers: Jeannette Guinn, Marketing Group Director, Demand Gen Marketing at Cadence; Susi Collins, Senior Director, Global Equality Strategy at Salesforce

Moderator: Patricia Morales, Program Manager at Roblox

11:49 am

Panel: Wellbeing & Resilience: Fostering a Culture of Wellness

A panel discussion focused on the importance of wellbeing and resilience. Then intention is to address mental health in the Tech industry and ways organizations can help create safe spaces where employees feel comfortable, connected, and engaged.

Speakers: Cinthia Lopez Director, Talent Outreach at Google; Justine Meza, Recruitment & Talent Marketing at Intuit; Christel Mauffet-Smith, Sales Group Director at Cadence

Moderator: Ahmed Hashem, Talent Acquisition at Roblox

12:31 pm

Workshops – Go to Sessions

  • Workshop by INTUIT: Strategies to Win the Technical Interview – Leveraging your Technical Aptitude Along with your Soft Skills
  • Workshop by SALESFORCE: From Job Ready to Job Offer: Getting Hired in a Digital-First World 
  • Workshop by PAYPAL: Latinas at PayPal 
  • Workshop by SOLEDAD ANTELADA: Girls can Hack: Cybersecurity Career Paths 

1:33 pm

Panel: Elevating Your Career Through Mentorship & Sponsorship

A panel discussion focused on how mentorship and sponsorship can support your career growth. Mentorship and sponsorship are powerful tools for successful career advancement and building stronger networks. There is immeasurable value linked to both of these types of relationships, both serving different purposes and ultimately when the two work alongside each other, significant results can be achieved.

Speakers: Andrea Shuppe, Recruiter & Latinx ERG Lead at Netflix; Tanya Macedo, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Social Impact Manager at Zwift; Estela Baca, Technical Support Account Manager at Splunk

Moderator: Monica Miyasato, Staff Technical Program Manager at Intuit

2:31 pm

Colombian Musical Act  created by LiT Chapters Manager, Manuel Torres

2:36 pm


Time to meet other Latinas in Tech, Allies and Tech executives.

2:36 pm

LiT Recruit

Time for Latinas to interact one on one with top Tech Recruiters

Friday, May 20th

All times are PST (Pacific Time)

8:00 am

Radio LiT

Music curated by the Latinas in Tech Canada Chapter, listen to this thirty minutes of music that will get you in the mood for the second day of this Summit 

8:33 am

Sí se puede! — Fireside Chat with Dolores Huerta

Take the exclusive opportunity to hear from a living legend, a true fighter. She inspired the world and our community teaching us “que si se puede”. Mobilizing the community hand in hand with Cesar Chavez, Dolores will talk to our community to help us have our voices heard and to be makers rather than consumers of technology.

Speaker: Dolores Huerta, President and Founder of The Dolores Huerta Foundation

Moderator: Rocio Van Nierop,  Cofounder & CEO at Latinas in Tech

9:06 am

Advancing Latinas in Technical Roles

A discussion about promoting from within, providing opportunities for advancement, and strategies to retain Tech talent.

Speaker: Catalina Laverde, Engineering Manager at Spotify; Tai Veloso, Senior Regional Manager, SMB at Salesforce; Margarita Martinez, Technical Recruiter at Roblox

Moderator: Julia Biedry, Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce

9:52 am

How Latinx Are or Are not Getting Funds From Venture Capital Funds — Panel

Arielle Paredes, Sr. Writer at WIRED will dig into the root cause of why very little of the money invested in entrepreneurship lands in the hands of Latinas.

Speaker: Carolina Huaranca, General Partner at First Close Partners; Beatriz Acevedo, CEO and Co-Founder at SUMA Wealth; Selene Casabal-Cruz, Founder and CEO at ShowCast, Lucrecia Iruela, Environment & Culture Creator and Executive Coach at Meliora, and Lindsey Spice, Human Resources & Recruiting Leader at Airbnb

Moderator: Arielle Pardes, Senior Writer at Wired 

10:45 am

VIP Workshop – ERG Excellence

This workshop is for ERG leaders and members. It will showcase the importance of having a highly performing ERG, the journey to get there and will show companies the importance of having an ERG with a Social Impact in mind. 

Coach: Lucrecia Iruela, Environment & Culture Creator  and Executive Coach, Meliora

10:45 am

Workshop by AIRBNB: Designing your career 

Speaker: Lindsey Spice, Human Resources & Recruiting Leader at Airbnb

11:45 am

The Taboo Topics of Mental Health and Vulnerability

SpeakerMichelle Gomez, Founder and CEO at Michelle Gomez Coaching LLC

12:44 pm

Startup Competition Finale – Presented by Iterable

The three winners of the Startup Competition will be announced. 

First Place: $20,000

Second Place: $10,000

Third place: $5,000

12:50 pm

Mindfullness for High Performers

Prioritizing our mental health through mindfulness, turns the decision making more efficient, helps us perform better, and be more present, involved, and emotionally intelligent at work or businesses. Mindfulness is an easy triple win: for leaders, our businesses, and personal life. She will cover key benefits + actionable steps to implement individually.

Coach: Candy Calderon, Holistic Health and Wellness Expert

1:45 pm

LiT Awards 2022

For the first year, Latinas in Tech will be recognizing the outstanding of individuals, groups and companies work by publicly recognizing the following awards:

  • Company of the Year
  • ERG of the Year    
  • Latina of the Year

1:56 pm

Closing Ceremony

Speaker: Rocio Van Nierop CEO and Cofounder – Latinas in Tech

1:58 pm

Global Citizen – Color Esperanza

2:04  pm


Time to meet other Latinas in Tech, Allies and Tech executives.


2:04  pm

LiT Recruit

Time for Latinas to interact one on one with top Tech Recruiters


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